My work in schools

I am an ex-Primary School Music Coordinator who now teaches music and piano privately for whole child/adult development from my studio in Lower Templestowe.

I am also passionate about bringing my musical background, skills and enthusiasm to enhance the life and Spirit of schools and to enhance the joy and development of each child.

I particularly love working vocally with groups/ whole school. This keeps music inclusive and can lead to many personal growth opportunities for those taking part.


What I can offer :

  • Whole school/dept/group singing.
  • Preparation for and musical direction of concerts/productions.
  • Facilitation of any musical group in existence/ formation of new groups – instrumental or vocal.
  • Individualised and creative action plans which arises from the needs and aspirations of each school.

Experience :

  • 20 years experience within the Primary sector in UK as a class teacher and music coordinator.
  • Teaching class music throughout the primary age range, class teaching from year 1-6 and attainment of Leading Teacher status in 2002.
  • Rite of passage work – transitioning in empowering ways, eg yrs 6-7
  • Whole school singing, department singing, preparing children for and musically directing department/whole school musicals and concerts, directing orchestras/bands and recorder groups, constructing school music policy and integrating it into the school curriculum, running staff training around this.
  • Subsequent to further research into human development, including through music, my work ┬áhas culminated in a unique musical offering “Piano with Soul”. This work allows individualised musical development alongside the natural formation of the whole person, enabling a journey of discovery to occur for each student as they find out more about who they are.

Working with children check in place

Karen Lowe

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