About Karen

Piano with Soul is the drawing together of 30 years experience as an educator and much research into human development.

My school teaching career spans 20 years as  a Primary school class teacher in England, teaching from Kinder up to year 6. I was also the music specialist and music coordinator in the schools I worked in.

My experience includes :

  • Working groups involved in the pre piloting and piloting of  English educational initiatives during this period.
  • Responsibility for staff training regarding music.
  • Responsibility for the music curriculum and delivery.
  • Responsibility for specialised music teaching – recorder groups, orchestras / bands, whole school singing and department singing/choirs.
  • Staging school/department musical productions and performances.
  • Member of the Oxfordshire County Music team leading groups of young musicians in weekend workshops and conducting joint school productions.
  • Creation of “The Clean Slate Campaign” : a 6 week program of integrated learning experiences across the whole school designed to mark the beginning of the new millenium with attention to the developmental journey of each individual, the integrity and ethics of the school and to the ongoing care of the planet. This program was adopted by educational authorities throughout UK and run by many schools at this time. It was also covered in the media.
  • Facilitation of Rite of Passage work eg with year 6 as they moved onto secondary school.
  • Leading Teacher status attained in 2002.

The last 13 years have been devoted purely to private teaching and the further studying of human development. This has led me to develop Piano with Soul, which enables each person (young or old) to learn to play the piano from their deeper Self or Soul – at their own pace, in their own way and according to their own abilities, needs, gifts and learning styles.