This is what my students are saying:

“Our little girl started with Kate when she was 5 years old back in 2021. She used to be our next door neighbour and Eleanor enjoyed learning piano from Kate so much that we continue via zoom since she started her mobile studio. I love how Kate encourages Eleanor to  learn on her own pace, learn by hearing and genuinely interested in her musical progression. Her patience with Eleanor is second to none.” Ivy Lee, Melbourne, May 23



“Kate is a brilliant piano teacher who inspires a deep love of music in all of the children she teaches. My son has been with her since the age of 5 (he is now 11) and he still looks forward to his lesson each week and the class is full of laughter, joy and beautiful music.” Anita, Melbourne, May 23




“We discovered Kate at ‘Piano With Soul’ three years ago. Our then 10 year old daughter immediately connected with Kate’s gentle nature and her fun and creative classes. Kate was flexible enough to continue offering classes over Zoom during lockdown, and we have continued this way ever since. Our daughter loves doing classes in her own home and we have loved listening to the progress she has made. Kate tunes in to the needs of the student and adjusts her classes accordingly. The classes are calm and enjoyable, structured yet flexible, and follow the interests of the student which has kept our daughter engaged. Can highly recommend Kate! Jen & James Bradshaw,
Melbourne, May 23


“Kate is just a wonderful teacher! Our son’s playing has improved so much with her as his confidence and love of music has been nurtured!” Sunita McGrath, London, June 22





“I have two children who attend weekly piano lessons at Piano with Soul. Kate is a gentle and nurturing teacher and provides an individualised and creative program which accommodates the way in which they learn best. Recently we have moved to online lessons which continue to be engaging and fun. The girls look forward to their weekly lessons and I as a parent couldn’t be happier with Kate’s loving rapport with my children. I highly recommend Kate and Piano with Soul.” Emma Hankinson, Melbourne

I am so glad to have found Kate as a piano teacher for my 8 year old son Ollie. She is a warm and gentle teacher who is clearly interested in connecting with her students on a deeper level than most. Her lessons are tailored to Ollie’s interests and temperament, and as a result Ollie LOVES learning, is keen to practise, and looks forward to each lesson. As a parent, I’ve been thrilled to see this musical blossoming in Ollie, and the confidence and interest that’s developing in him to experiment and explore on the piano (and indeed his confidence and self-belief more generally). I am so glad that Kate is continuing lessons via Zoom at the moment. These work better than I expected! She can clearly see Ollie’s fingering, and they have even attempted duets! There is still a lovely connection there, including some fun games and activities at the end of the lesson. Thank you Kate! Sally Kuhlman, Melbourne

So…what IS Piano with Soul??

Piano with Soul enables the natural formation and expression of one’s musical ability and wholeness within.

This means that each person learns to play the piano/sing or explores their creativity from their deeper Self or Soul – at their own pace, in their own way and according to their own abilities, needs, gifts and learning styles.

For the learner, this approach:

  • Brings awareness and strength to their sense of Self.
  • Provides the care and support necessary for the deeper Self to be experienced and expressed more fully.

In sessions :

  • Deliberate attention is given to what is being experienced by the learner as they go through the process of learning.  This enables a deepening inner connection and a growing emotional intelligence and resilience.
  • The originality and natural orientation towards learning of each person is skillfully held. This allows the depth and gifts of the learning process to be fully experienced and integrated.
  • Each learner’s aspirations are intentionally supported, along with any latent qualities that are emerging.
  • The transferable nature of the experiences and learnings that take place and how these might apply to other areas of the learner’s life can also be developed.

A quality of teaching and presence is offered which provides room for each learner to open into :

  • an ability to play the piano from this deepening inner connection
  • a valuing of their own unique nature and style.

Piano with Soul is a unique experience for each person. You are welcome to call me on:

0422 475418 to talk about how this could benefit you or someone dear to you.



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