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Piano with Soul enables the natural formation and expression of one’s musical ability and wholeness within.

What does this mean?

This means that each person learns to play the piano/sing or explores their creativity from their deeper Self or Soul – at their own pace, in their own way and according to their own abilities, needs, gifts and learning styles.

For the learner, this approach:

  • Brings awareness and strength to their sense of Self.
  • Provides the care and support necessary for the deeper Self to be experienced and expressed more fully.

In sessions :

  • Deliberate attention is given to what is being experienced by the learner as they go through the process of learning.  This enables a deepening inner connection and a growing emotional intelligence and resilience.
  • The originality and natural orientation towards learning of each person is skillfully held. This allows the depth and gifts of the learning process to be fully experienced and integrated.
  • Each learner’s aspirations are intentionally supported, along with any latent qualities that are emerging.
  • The transferable nature of the experiences and learnings that take place and how these might apply to other areas of the learner’s life can also be developed.

A quality of teaching and presence is offered which provides room for each learner to open into :

  • an ability to play the piano from this deepening inner connection
  • a valuing of their own unique nature and style.

Piano with Soul is a unique experience for each person. You are welcome to call me on 0422 475418 to talk about how this could benefit you or someone dear to you.



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