Careless Words

Posted on: December 1, 2019 by in Piano Teacher
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Careless Words
One of my friends told me a story yesterday. It broke my heart. She’s given me permission to share it here.
When Jill was a child she and her brother learned piano.
The piano teacher told Jill that she was unmusical and had no sense of rhythm.

As a result, Jill gave up with her playing and has a sadness about that even now, at the age of 58. She never allowed herself to sing as a result of this comment – she never joined a choir, never took part in anything musical that could have enriched her experience of life. She didn’t even let herself dance…coz how can you dance if you have no sense of rhythm?
I feel so sad that one woman’s careless remark impacted Jill like this. And Jill isn’t the only one – I come across so many older people who have regrets around music.

I find myself feeling even more passionate about the mission of Piano With Soul – to provide an environment which encourages each student’s self esteem and sense of personal achievement that transfers into all areas of their lives and fully encourages self expression and JOY….

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