Carrie writing for Anne

Karen has recently begun working with my mother Anne Parratt, she has dementia.  My mother is 88 and up until recently, she has loved playing the piano.  Her shaking hands and difficulty with her memory has meant that over time she has lost her confidence and her will to play.  Karen has brought the piano back into Anne’s life again with her gentle and caring approach to playing.  Karen is patient and understanding which has allowed Anne to feel comfortable to give it a go, to forget and to try again.  Anne now looks forward to her Saturday morning piano sessions with Karen who has built up a wonderful sense of trust in her and Anne is beginning to remember a sense of pride in her achievements. In addition, it has been wonderful to witness the joy on the other residents faces as they listen to Anne and Karen playing. Some enjoy singing along, sparking their memories, while others reminisce on their own past piano playing.