Karen Lowe taught Piano to Max (approx. 4 ½ years) and Jacinta (approx. 3 years) during their primary school years. Karen is much more than just an everyday music teacher. She is a kind-hearted, nurturing and compassionate individual who simply loves what she does. She teaches with an abundance of passion and is patient in her teaching. Karen instilled a love of music in both our children but more than this, she inspired a love of learning and helped to instill such qualities as persistence, consistency and resilience. When asked about Karen, Jacinta and Max mentioned how knowledgeable and enthusiastic  Karen is as a teacher and that she always made her lessons enjoyable and achievable.

A very special part of Karen’s teaching was her ability to encourage and inspire the children to feel comfortable with their own ability. Each year Karen would organize a Christmas Party for her students and their families.  This was always a much awaited and loved event where the students played pieces they had chosen and duets with Karen and  parents and grandparents came to get teary as their prodigies performed.  The confidence that each child had in their playing was remarkable, it never ceased to amaze me how my children could get up in front of an audience so proudly to perform their pieces.  I believe this was because of the quality of the connection throughout the year with Karen. These early experiences have given Max and Jacinta a sense of self belief that they carry with them now and well into the future.

Thank you Karen.