James and Desi Maramis

We would just like to say how happy we are that Karen has agreed to teach Andrea again. The enthusiasm she once had has returned and we see her jumping on the piano unprompted.
Today she worked out the tune to “Fight Song” by ear and then she sat down and wrote down the notes. She is obviously looking forward to showing Karen.
While Karen was unavailable we tried two other teachers. One resulted in a crying 9 year old after one lesson. The other worked out better and while we were able to get through a few lessons, piano was seen as a chore rather than a fun activity. Andrea dreaded her lessons and crammed in 10 minutes practice before each one.
We never tell Andrea to practice. Our measure of success is how often she practices/plays by herself. With the other teacher it was just that 10 minutes before each lesson. With Karen as her teacher she plays daily, even it is just to have a little fun.
Some parents may think we are soft and should “push” our child to learn but our view is that she will learn more if she develops a positive association with the piano. At the end of the day we were looking for a teacher who would nurture Andrea’s interest in the piano and add a little formality and structure around that interest, and that is what we have found.