Sean Joachim

I introduced my daughter to Karen’s piano mentoring when she was 7 years old and have been overjoyed with the results. Karen has a wonderful understanding of people of all ages and builds a special bond that goes far beyond just music.  Karen’s ability to connect with her students and her talent for teaching is truly superior. She has an excellent teaching style, teacher-student communication skills, is extremely patient, compassionate and wholeheartedly focused on the well being and development of the student.

With Karen’s help my daughter has experienced playing in front of others several times, passed her music exam with incredible results along with achieving a high level of confidence and a great sense of pride in her own abilities.  My daughter now has the confidence and skills to play in junior school concerts and school bands and I feel this is due to her experiences with Karen.  Ultimately, Karen’s approach spans both music and confidence building and this is achieved through the special bond she has with her students.

I highly recommend Karen to anyone without reservation.    By introducing your child to Karen’s piano classes you will experience a teaching style that encapsulates confidence building, continual encouragement and personal mentoring along with opportunities to shine.